Assalamou aleykoum ukhti i loved your blog. May Allah protect you from all harm and may He bless you. Ameen

Wa’alaikumsalaam warahmatullaah. Masyaa’Allah. Thank you. Insyaa’Allah, aameen. Same to you too, and the other brothers and sisters in Islam on Tumblr.  I learnt so much from here but I also get distracted a lot from here. Some followers were telling me not to delete my tumblr but I think this is the real deal. I have been contemplating about it for quite some time. I find it a pity somehow because some of the posts I reblogged are really beneficial. I wonder if there is an option for us to save our posts for future references. hmm…or should I just log out and never log in, ever? …instead of deleting…

Uh-Oh being fickle-minded again…

May Allah keep us steadfast in the Deen. Insyaa’Allah. Aameen.

None Has The Right to be Worshiped Except Allaah Alone.


It has been mentioned by our scholars that ‘La’ilaha’ilillaah’ (none has the right to be worshiped except Allaah) has arkaanan (pillars), shurootan (conditions), haqooqan (rights), wajibat (obligations), and muqamilaat (things that perfect it and complete it). 

So strive oh believers to fulfill each and everyone of the aforementioned aspects of ‘la ilaha ilillaah’ in order to maintain a strong, firm and sincere relationship with Allaah az’wa’jall.